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DOB: March 14, 2015 



Truly’s Pedigree

BISS Multi Group Winning Am/Can GCh Eros N Ethos Dangerous Liaison NC – ‘Daniel’ X Multi Group Winning MBVIS Am Ch Can GCh SDW Dreamwindz Eyedoll – ‘Jaylo’

Truly has a face that would melt the coldest heart. She inspired a painting by Michelle Trifiro: Michelle Trifire Fine Art, which I will post about below. She ‘Truly’ is a beautiful Whippet, and is as bossy as they come. Her and Amore are littermates, from my 2015 ‘Signature’ litter.  She is also Opal’s big sister.

Her winning ways began when she was just a baby puppy, thrilling us by winning a Best Baby Puppy in Show at Evelyn Kenney in 2015.

Her wins progressed from there, placing in the Group on a regular basis. Judges appreciated her curvy beauty and easy sidegait. 

We had just started to show Truly in the US when Covid hit,  and that has kept us home for 3 years. She has 8 points towards her American Championship, including a Best of Breed over Specials.

As they are now Veterans,  I likely  won’t show her anymore. Although when we did get to play-we sure had fun! I may enter her in Veterans competition at any future Specialties we are able to attend. 

Meanwhile, she is enjoying retirement with her brother, and living the life of the Bossy Princess that she is. 


Truly - Group 2nd

Truly winning one of her many group placements, this one was in 2016.


Truly - She's a Princess

Truly is so expressive, and has the sweetest face. She loves to sit like a person on the couch, and this cracks me up all the time.

Truly - Group 3rd

Truly winning one of many group placements. She always stood out for her beautiful curves, and easy sidegait, and was super fun to show. 

Truly painting by Michelle Trifiro

This painting was done from Truly’s headshot photo by Michelle Trifiro. I could not afford to purchase it, but someone did and it’s currently gracing the walls of their home. I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoy having the real thing in my home. :)

Truly - Lure practice

Truly loves (and I mean LOVES) to chase anything. She is a fierce little thing, and we have to hang on tight on walks to keep her back from wanting to chase and do dirty to anything that moves. This photo is courtesy of Jolayne Moryski. 


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