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DOB: March 14, 2015




Amore’s Pedigree

BISS Multi Group Winning Am/Can GCh Eros N Ethos Dangerous Liaison NC – ‘Daniel’ X Multi Group Winning MBVIS Am Ch Can GCh SDW Dreamwindz Eyedoll – ‘Jaylo’ 

Amore is a very special dog. He did not enter a show ring until he was 15 months old, and from that time until he was 18 months old, in three short months he finished his Championship on both sides of the border, finishing in the United States with 3 majors.

Along the way, he obtained a Group  win, several group placements, Best of Breed over Specials, and won several hearts. 

Amore is the sire of my 2017 litter, and my very special girl Opal.

In June 2022, I brought him out as a Veteran at the Alberta Lure Coursing Specialty at NACA, and he won Best Of Opposite Sex at the Breed level, and Best Veteran in Multi Breed Specialty. I was very proud of him, he did not forget!

In August of 2022 I entered him as a Veteran in four of the 5 Specialties on the National Weekend. He did not disappoint, winning the Breed at one of the multi breed hound specialties, Best of Opposite Sex at two others, as well as Best Veteran and Best Canadian Bred, on a weekend where there were 32-64 Whippets entered.

Amore was not shown from the time he finished his GCh in Canada until he was a Veteran. There has never been a moment that this dog stepped into a show ring that he disappointed me. He always gave it his all, and enjoyed every moment.

He is one of those dogs that is up for anything, always ready to do whatever you want to do today. 

Amore will be shown at as a Veteran at Specialties only, and lives a life of luxury and leisure as a retired show dog on my couch.


Amore - BOS | BVISS

Amore had an amazing weeking in Calgary in August 2022! This was one of five Whippet/Hound Specialties over the National Weekend. It was very hot and super busy, so we weren’t able to get a photo of him winning Best Of Breed over an entry of 34 Whippets at the Foothills Gazehound Show., but here he is winning Best Of Opposite/Best Veteran/Best Canadian Bred at the Rocky Mountain Whippet Association show, in an entry of 32 Whippets.


Amore won big his first trip around the ring as a Veteran, winning Best Veteran in Multi Breed Specialty, and Best Of Opposite Sex in the breed ring at the Alberta Lure Coursing Association Specialty June 2022.

Amore-coming in on the lure!

Amore LOVES chasing the white plastic bags. Or anything that moves really. :) I personally don’t care for the sport, I’m a bit of a helicopter mom, and worry about injury too much to enjoy it. This fabulous photo was captured by Jolayne Moryski.


Amore-New Am Ch

Photo of Amore finishing his American Championship on the third weekend he was shown in the US – Helena, Sept 2016 at 18 months old.

Amore-Group 1st

Here’s Amore winning Group 1st from the classes to finish his Canadian Championship in Cranbrook, over his Daddy Daniel.


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